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Mounting Instructions

Mounting Instructions


  1. Place the flashlight inside of The Blackjack.
  2. Place the visor in the "Down" position.
  3. Place lens assembly of the light next to down angle of shield. When in correct position the lens assembly of the light will rest in the ear arch of the helmet, directly below the visor mount assembly, with the visor touching the front of the light when the visor is down.
  4. Secure all three setscrews. Caution must be given NOT to OVER TIGHTEN any of the setscrews. The 3-point contact design allows for SNUG screws without penetrating or damaging the material of the helmet brim.
  5. On MODERN style helmets when in the correct position the light will touch the brim at both the rear and front of the light, along with The Blackjack holder to complete the STABLE 3-point contact.


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