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"...stepped right over the side thinking there was more roof in the shadow. That would've never happened if I'd had a helmet light. Not hurt but a close call. I wish I'd had a set up like it long before."

Dan F.,

"Hi Chris.
Last year, when I was working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, there were a couple of guys who had Blackjacks, and I was very impressed with the design. I'd tried other helmet holders, but they were too delicate, too apt to create potential entanglement problems, or just weren't effective....

Again, thank you for your interest in and contributions to firefighting worldwide!


Dave B.,

"I started a search for a decent light/mount combination about a year ago... everything I ran across was flimsy crap. We have used [the BlackJack] on some fires with everyone singing my praises for ordering them and your praises for inventing them."

Dan F.,


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