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Designed by firemen. For firemen ™.

Whether you ride a truck in the big city or a small town, we've all been there, you're surrounded by thick black suffocating smoke and, you can't see and you don't know the layout of your surroundings. You're pulling hose, looking for victims and trying to put the fire out.

The heat you can take, but it's the not knowing what's around the next corner that's really dangerous. If only you could see a little better…
You've got a light somewhere... in your pockets, or attached to your jacket, or maybe even on your helmet. But, the light was knocked out of position when you threw your pack on or maybe you bumped into something when you got inside. Who knows where it points now. You just need to see better in the smoke and not have to think about it. You have better things to do with your hands than hold a flashlight.

That is why we developed the Blackjack.

You've got a tough job to do. You need to think about the safety of others more than you need to think about fixing your flashlight.
The Blackjack keeps your light where you put it... shining where you need it.

About 1445 Designs

We are a small company out of Phoenix, AZ.

Our president and product designer was a Phoenix Fire Department Firefighter for nearly 20 years. A Local 493 member, TRT member, and AZTF-1 member with station assignments in the busiest parts of Phoenix, he developed and tested the original Blackjack in both live fires throughout the city, and training fires at the Phoenix Regional Fire Training Academy. Our new products, such as the Equipment Mount for extrication equipment, and our Global Mount for non-standard helmet lighting needs, were developed with the benefit of years of street experience.
We are extremely proud to say our products serve our brothers and sisters from coast to coast here in the United States and Canada, as well as throughout the globe. Society’s Bravest from the smallest volunteer department in PA, to cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Hong Kong currently use, trust and depend on the Blackjack family of products, and we are humbled by their choice.
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